Industry Narrative and Messaging

November 2024

19th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

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January 2024

2024 API/AGA Joint Committee on Pipeline Welding Practices

Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront – Jacksonville, Florida

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January 2021

2021 State of American Energy

API’s all-virtual event highlights the U.S. natural gas and oil industry’s contributions to modern life, the foundational role of affordable and reliable energy in the nation’s economic recovery, and the many ways industry is helping America build a better future.

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January 2016

2016 State of American Energy

When it comes to energy policy, the next president and members of the next Congress will play a critical role in shaping America’s 21st century energy renaissance, determining whether our nation will cement its position as a global energy leader.

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January 2015

2015 State of American Energy

America is experiencing an energy revival. We are now defined by an abundance of energy resources rather than a scarcity of them.

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